How to win (most of the time) rock, paper, scissors

Here’s a handy infographic/tutorial for winning Rock, Paper Scissors against inexperienced or very experienced players.

“Males have a tendency to throw rock on their first try, inexperienced RPS players will subconsciously deliver the item that won previously, and paper is thrown least often, so use it as a surprise.”

Via FlowingData.

I prefer to throw a little psychology into the mix – I just tell the person, honestly, what I’m going to play. And then it becomes a question of trust. Then, sometimes I cheat. Because cheating is the best way to win.


Mitch Grivins says:

Now that you have told the world your srategy… what will you really do?

Nathan Campbell says:

It’s all mind games. What if I say I’ll stick with my strategy? What would you play first up against me?