If I fail Greek…

I still won’t enroll at this college…

So, last night, I decided to do some research on the fellow from this post. He has an Australian accent, so I figured he was probably one of ours… I was right. He’s in Brisbane. And he is an utter nut case. There are people who are on the fringes of Christianity who I don’t agree with, and then there are people so far gone that I think it’s ok to insult them.

This guy might have Tourette’s – but he’s also permanently drunk. He calls it “drunk in the spirit” – he claims to have been taken up to God for three days when he was converted 11 years ago, and to have been a “whacked prophet” ever since. He runs a college in Brisbane – I think he has two students. They are featured in this video.

His church, based on what I’ve seen in the background of his videos – appears to be his house. It looks like he’s painted the logo on one of the walls. He has pretty good graphic design, video production, and social media stuff going on – which is weird, because he’s otherwise completely insane. Here’s a bit of his “bio”…

Matt has been intoxicated (drunk in the Spirit) on the Father’s love since 1998, and at times is not able to function well in the physical realm due to the glory that rests on his life. He is a God pleaser. He is about his Fathers business….. drinking in the wine of Heaven and setting the captive free. Even though Matt has been in full time ministry for 11 years, he has kept himself out of the church “scene” so as to allow Holy Spirit to do His work in his life. Matt carries a strong prophetic revelatory, anointing and preaches whilst in a trance… or preaching whilst inside an encounter with Heaven.

Matt has a really simple style of ministry. He gets whacked (drunk… filled with Holy Spirit) and ministers from the glory realm. He spends hours a day drinking in the presence of Heaven so that he can unleash the torrent of the Fathers love every time he preaches. We have a staffing structure in place which enables Matthew to carry out his call and be filled with the “too much” anointing… continually.

It’s ok though, according to Mr “pisseth against the wall” himself – Steven L. Anderson – Bible College is a sin and will lead me out of fundamentalist KJV only soul winning orthodoxy…


al bain says:

Looks like things are really happening in Brisbane.

Geoff Eggins says:

He is seriously a massive nutcase. Sometimes I find it difficult to understand how someone can be claiming to be into the “Word” and into “Jesus” and be so far gone. I certainly hope that heaven isn’t anything like the way that guy carries on.

Luke Isham says:

Maniac Christian types:
1. Hardcore, offensive, KJV-only, suit wearing, generally without a sidekick
2. Drunk on the spirit, street wear with sidekick of some sort
3. Grumpy with clerical collar, occasionally swears at kids

Damien Carson says:

How much would I give to see this bloke preaching on a street corner at 2:00am any given Sunday morning in the Valley?! By freakish coincidence, that’s also the time & place where you’re most likely to see a real man pisseth against a wall (and see girly men vomiteth upon the footpath because they holdeth not their liquor).