I’m officially unemployed…

As of 5.30pm yesterday I am officially no longer employed in the secular workforce. My employment status in the unsecular workforce is undetermined (I have to fill out some forms and get a medical before the Presbyterian Church will pay me to be a student).

We’re leaving for Brisbane on Thursday, we should arrive on Friday. We still have some packing and cleaning to do, and myriad farewells and goodbyes to say.

I loved my job at Townsville Enterprise. I’ll miss both the work and the people.

I scored a good bit of swag in the leaving process. It’s a strange thing that employers give gifts to people who leave and not to those who stay. I scored a watch, my iPhone and some cufflinks. I was blown away by the generosity of my employers and the nice things they said about me.

I managed to keep my tough guy veneer in check though.

Unemployment does have its benefits though – I can now say whatever I want about people, places and businesses in Townsville – and will be doing so with my own hottest 100 (things to do in Townsville) which I’ll start writing in the car as we drive to Brisbane.


Joel says:

Hey mate, let me know when you get settled in and we'll catch up!

Nathan says:

Poker for sure. Have you picked a church yet?

Andrew says:

I managed to keep my tough guy veneer in check though.

You didn't look back at the explosion as you left the building?

All the best for your new undertakings!

queenstuss says:

I’m looking forward to your list.

Sarah says:

Hope the move goes well guys! Does your parting gift now mean that Robyn gets to have Lineup at home whenever she wants? Is this a dangerous thing?