So I’ve been using IntenseDebate for my comments for a while now. And while it allows cool features like giving you the ability to post YouTube Videos and pictures, to log in using various online accounts (like Facebook or Twitter) or as a guest, a pretty good spam filter, and the ability to vote comments up or down – it can be a little bit slow and annoying.Plus, nobody uses those features anyway.

I’m thinking about canning it. What do you reckon? If you’re hanging around wishing you could comment but put off by complexity just “like” this post and I’ll assume that’s your indication that I should kill the system.

While you’re telling me what you think of that system feel free to raise any other things that annoy you about the design or technology behind this blog… I’m always interested in fixing those issues because it gives me a chance to play with code and design stuff.

Over to you.


Nathan Campbell says:

I’ve turned IntenseDebate off for now. It’s just a test at the moment. What do you think?

RodeoClown says:

Yay – I hated that thing :)

Ben McLaughlin says:

Yeah, I reckon better without. It may have good features, but for a pleb like me, I just get confused by all the little icons and logos and this and that. All I want is an empty box that says ‘write here’.

Ben McLaughlin says:

My one other critique of it is that the name is tough to live up to.. “Gosh and gee, I was just gonna whack a little smiley face in there, but it says I should be starting an intense debate..”

Amy says:

Yep, intense debate was a pain.

al bain says:

Glad it’s gone.

Steve says:

I agree, it’s better without it. I find the IntenseDebate form confusing and it discourages discussion, rather than encouraging it. A plain and simple comment form works well!

I liked it… mainly because I was slowly catching up to you in points, and I’m lazy and liked to stay signed in, plus it was good for keeping track of conversations, particularly the ‘reply’ function. I don’t understand how it was confusing and inhibiting, but that’s just me.

Goannatree says:

I liked it…maybe i’m a little late to the party seeing as you’ve now ditched it.