Jandles for Jesus

I thought about calling this post “thongs for Jesus” or “flip flops for Jesus” but both of those were open to misinterpretation and lacked the alliterative quality of using the kiwi term for this particular item of footwear. But I digress. Nothing helps you walk a mile in the shoes of Jesus like walking a mile in Jesus themed shoes. Right? So I give you: Walk the Walk Flip Flops.

They even have a poorly sourced scriptural proof text.

*If we live in the Spirit,
let us also walk in the Spirit.
Galatians 5:25


Gary Ware says:

They’re thongs.

Nathan Campbell says:

Not in the US they’re not…

Sam Freney says:

Surely they should have had Romans 10:15, since you can actually see (and show off) your beautiful feet.

Gary Ware says:

You’re in Queensland. Speak Queenslandese.
Anyone north of Nambour wouldn’t have clue what you’re writing about.
(How did you adapt to finishing every sentence with ‘ay’ up north?)

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