Laughing at Hitler… and Hipsters

South Park said things become funny 27.5 years after the fact. Which means Hitler jokes are ok. Right?

I’m unsure. But you should check out Hipster Hitler and decide for yourself (it has some language).

Because making fun of hipster culture and genocidal dictators is the new black. Or something.

David Dunham at Christ and Pop Culture doesn’t think we should be laughing at this sort of stuff. And it does make me a little bit uncomfortable – but what say you? He doesn’t know what the target of the satire is. Hitler or Hipsters. I say, why can’t it be both. Here’s what the Christ and Pop Culture article identifies as the problem:

“Satire works great as a means to offering a critique, and I am of course quite satisfied to mock and belittle Hitler, whose disgusting acts warrant him no sympathy. Yet I can’t help but wonder what the creators of this comic are aiming to critique. Is it Hitler? Well kudos to them, but I am not sure how casting him as a trendy young bohemian does that.”

I think the answer might be that Hipsters aren’t really that cool. They eat food from trashcans.

This does sound a lot like the kind of thing one might cook up at the pub noticing the phonetic similarity.

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