Letters to Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan has just been released from prison. She spent the last few weeks there for being an idiot. Incarceration is boring – but when it comes to celebrity incarceration it opens up whole new realms of possibility. We suddenly know exactly where the celebrity is at all times – we have a captive audience for our celebrity stalking. One man, Greg Rutter, took this opportunity and ran with it – he sent Lindsay a postcard each day of her imprisonment. And he blogged them.

They were mostly non-sensical. Which, when you think about the recipient, makes perfect sense.

“Writing is rules. Whether it’s about word choice or sentence length or subject matter each writer has decided on rules they have agreed not to break. Me? My rules are too many. I won’t use the word “penultimate” because I think it sounds pretentious. I’ll just write “next to last” instead, and problem solved. But why is “pretentious” allowed but “penultimate” not? Because those are just the rules.”