Mad Skillz Round Two

Getting other people to write content for one’s blog is an awesome strategy for blogging regularly, and before Ben’s book review Wednesday there was Mad Skillz week.

I’d urge you to contribute a book review for Ben’s sake (I haven’t told him yet, but I’m going to review something really exciting).

But I’m also wanting to tap into your repository of awesome, but possibly as yet undiscovered, skills that can be of benefit to others. Have a read of some of the old posts – examples included how to take low light photos, how to play roller hockey for Australia, how to argue with me, how to survive in regional ministry, how to write Christian parody songs, how to be poetic, how to supply teach, how to do graphic design, how to appreciate opera, and how to make an animation story board.

So if you’ve got a niche skill, or just something that’s generally awesome, that you’d like to share with a very small segment of the world, and google, and you’d like to write a guest post, just hit me up by email at nm dot campbell at


Ben McLaughlin says:

I’m excited about getting a review.. and I’ll give Mad Skillz some more thought.

I love the idea of getting other people to write posts. Not because it gives you a break, but because it makes a blog more interesting, I reckon. A bit more magazine-ish, and less diary-ish.

I think of it as cross pollinisation. It also brings readers from here to there and there to here, so blogs aren’t just these weird little islands scattered a million miles from each other.

My dream is to be part of a super-blog, where there are say, 5-10 contributors, each with a ‘key to the appartment’, and each person focusses on a different yet similar vibed area, all adding up to a sweet whole. I have a dream.