Mail from strangers

So spam commenters are nice, but random strangers who email you are not. That’s what I’ve learned this week after I received this email from a random:

“How does it feel to be an utter and complete idiot who bases his entire life on ancient mythology with no basis in reality?”

It feels pretty good, Brad Johnson, from wherever you are. It feels pretty good.

Seriously. Feel free to email me using that email address up the top of the page – I’ll only reply in an insulting manner if you’re somebody like Brad Johnson who just wants to show me that you think you’re smarter than me.


David C says:

This is the problem with the internet. In the real world there are social norms that, at least in the majority of cases, keep us from being the natural morons that we are. Young Brad here illustrates that without those constraints – without the threat of consequences for moronic behaviour – we, who would in any normal social context be reasonable human beings, jump at the opportunity to be the angry, hateful, evil people we normally try so hard to hide. It’s Romans 1.

A big thanks to Brad for illustrating Romans 1 for us.

AndrewFinden says:

I simply do not understand people who bother to take the time to make fun of people who just happen to believe something they don’t – objecting to religion in politics and so on is one thing, but this kind of thing just doesn’t make sense.

madd says:

Send him a photo of your other check.