Making “headlines” today

I’m reconsidering the Sydney Morning Herald’s place as my news source of choice. What do other people use?

The writing is as good as ever – there is no political commentator as astute as Annabel Crabb, and few sports correspondents can match it with the likes of Peter Roebuck and Will Swanton.

But when your banner of featured stories looks like this you’ve well and truly jumped the “sex sells” shark…

9 thoughts on “Making “headlines” today”

    1. Izaac,

      That might be worth exploring.

      This post was as much an indictment of the stories of the day today as it was a genuine plea for an alternative. It’s sad. The SMH used to be about quality (which drove advertising) rather than being about selling stuff.

    1. She makes me LOL. And we all know how I feel about any internet abbreviation so she must be good.

      (It may seem like I've replied to your comment twice. I tried emailing a bunch of comments through and only half made it).

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