More synchronicity

I meant to keep track of occasions where non mutual Facebook friends had similar status updates close to each other. But like so many of my promises and ideas that one was put to the side (my current exciting idea is photo flash cards for Greek vocab – Greek verbs often describe an action that has many English equivalents like our paradigm word luo (which I can’t be bothered writing in Greek characters).

But now I want to share an odd coincidence and then three people who had the same theme in their status within an hour of each other this morning…

On Tuesday we were driving home from college and I took the wrong turn – while we were trying to figure out how to best get back on track JJJ started playing a song – I didn’t catch the name – but the lyrics were “this is not the way home” and “you’re going the wrong way”… It was like I was driving Bumblebee.

Coffee related status updates are not uncommon on Facebook – but this morning was a coffee withdrawal overload.

The statuses were as follows:

Person one: Coffee Cravings :/
Person two: is going to find some coffee… probably good coffee… probably Campos coffee.
Person three: Need coffee.

What was it about today that prompted this outpouring of caffeine related feelings?


Aaran says:

Its Friday, people who work are onto their 5th consecutive early rise