My Cricket Clearance List

This is, in order, who I’d get rid of from the Australian cricket scene if I could.

1. Ricky Ponting. Can’t bat (anymore). Can’t captain.
2. Bill Lawry. The most annoying commentator in the world.
3. Mark Taylor. Only just beaten by Bill Lawry. These two have ruined my summer almost more than Ponting.
4. The selectors. Seriously. Get some new material.
5. Mitchell Johnson. Bowls well sometimes. Doesn’t know what he’s bowling the rest of the time.
6. Michael Clarke. Doesn’t seem to be able to see the ball most of the time.
7. Phillip Hughes. Needs some time to get his head right.
8. Peter Siddle. Hard worker, gets wickets eventually, but seems to lull opposition batsmen into form with his boringness and stupid goatee.
9. Ben Hilfenhaus. How long can we carry this guy? Has done so little that I almost forgot that he was in the team.


Daniel says:

I pretty much agree, cant work out who should captain though?? Hussey shouldnt have that burden, it would surely effect his form. which pretty much leaves haddin or watson?? as for bowlers, i think we are trying to unearth the next warne or mcgrath straight away and i dont think they have been born yet. We need to either help the guys we’ve got develop better or have faith in the guys there now to learn from it and become better bowlers.

It’s hard, all i know is you usually have to drag me away from the boxing day test, but this year i have hardly watched more than half an hour. I guess we’ve had other distractions but still……

Nathan Campbell says:

I reckon Haddin could captain. He’ll be around for a while, or they could pick Cam White as a specialist captain.