My Happiness

Ben tagged me in a meme. I have to list ten things that make me happy. Presuppose that there are ten or more things about my relationship with God, and my relationship with my wife that make me happier than the things on this list. Neither of those are “things” though. I’m going to try to limit my list to nouns, without too many abstractions.

  1. Conversation.
  2. Coffee.
  3. Bacon.
  4. Venn Diagrams.
  5. Arguments about fun stuff.
  6. Pictures of Mexicans.
  7. Ninjas.
  8. Politics.
  9. Words, used well.
  10. Home-cooked meals that rival their restaurant counterparts.

I tag anybody who stands close enough. I’m too slow to catch you.


Anika Q says:

I agree wholeheartedly with 3. I just had a bacon and avocado toasted sandwich. Almost perfect…it just lacked the minced garlic that I can’t have because I intend on being sociable today. But still, it was very conducive to happiness!