My top five posts about bacon

Declaring a love for bacon is tantamount to declaring a love for oxygen.

But here are some posts about Bacon that I just want to relive.

Bacon jam helps you eat, like, a pig

Pig + Blender = Bacon Jam. That’s the equation celebrated by this shirt.

How to top Bacon Jam


The perfect BLT.

The winner was an American chef living in Sydney… here’s the concluding post from the competition.

Here’s his winning sandwich – but the best bit is the photographic flow chart he made (and the fact that he harvested his own salt from the ocean)…

BBB sandwich

This is what you should get if you order a BLT with no L, no T and extra B.

It hasn’t made it to “This is why you’re fat” yet – but it will.

I found it here.

And finally – a very useful flow chart…

There’s nothing wrong with this picture

Plenty of bacon to be found here in this “what to eat” decision making flow chart from geekologie.


queenstuss says:

That first sandwich looks awesome. That second sandwich looks disgusting.