Mythbusting in the Kitchen

Kenji Lopez-Alt is an online cooking superstar. He’s the guy who reverse engineered Maccas fries and so owns a special place in all our hearts.

He combines science and cooking and writing like a chef combines ingredients…

So when he says “these are the six biggest myths in food preparation” then I believe him. And I post a link to them.

Some surprises, like the idea that you can flip steaks over and over again during cooking (I’m of the only flip once school).

Common backyard know-how dictates that burgers and steaks should only be flipped once, half way through cooking. But has anyone ever bothered questioning why we do this? Does it actually create a noticeable improvement in the way your meat comes out?

Turns out the answer is an emphatic no! Flipping your meat multiple times produces meat that’s noticeably more evenly cooked (there’s about 40% less overcooked meat in a burger flipped every 15 seconds vs. one flipped once), browns just as well (just don’t expect distinct hash marks), and to top it all off, ends up cooking in about 2/3rds of the time. Faster and better? You betcha!