New South Wales State of Origin Player Ratings

Out of ten:

  1. Jarryd Hayne: 1
  2. Brett Moris: 3
  3. Beau Scott: 1
  4. Matt Cooper: 1
  5. Joel Monaghan: 1
  6. Trent Barrett: 1
  7. Mitchell Pearce: 1
  8. Michael Weyman: 0
  9. Michael Ennis: 1
  10. Brett White: 3
  11. Nathan Hindmarsh: 0
  12. Ben Creagh: 0
  13. Paul Gallen: 1
  14. Tom Leoroyd-Larrs: 1
  15. Luke O’Donnell: 2
  16. Kurt Gidley: -10

I can’t even remember who the other player for New South Wales was. He must have been invisible. If more than three of these players are picked next year we’ll lose again.


Aaran says:

At least we won the punch up. Personally I would prefer to win a punch-up than a game of football

Ben McLaughlin says:

I agree mostly, except for your last bit. A large part of them sucking is because they never stick with the same players.

jon says:

Trent Waterhouse, the invisible man.

Gary Ware says:

Ah, the time honoured NSW sacrifice of the losing team to the god of quick fixes.
Could just be that a great team had a particularly good game and utterly smashed their opposition.

Nathan Campbell says:

I reckon this Queensland team is the best ever. But last night it was a case of an irresistable force meeting a movable object that was heading in entirely the wrong direction.

The reason they aren’t sticking with the same players is that they keep picking the wrong ones. Here’s a team I would pick, and stick with, for the next five years:

1. Brett Stewart (assuming he’s not in prison).
2. Jarryd Hayne
3. Brett Morris
4. Jamal Idris
5. Josh Morris
6. Jamie Soward
7. Mitchell Pearce (if they’re going to blood a halfback they should do it properly)
8. Brett White
9. Robbie Farrah (or Ennis – I don’t care).
10. Brent Kite (or anybody other than Weyman).
11. Glenn Stewart
12. Ben Creagh (or Ryan Hoffman)
13. Anthony Watmough
14. Greg Bird or Luke Lewis – mobile, can play in the forwards or the halves
15. Todd Carney – a proper impact player who can play just about anywhere
16. A big prop – maybe Jason King
17. Another big prop – maybe Daine Lawrie from the Tigers.

Ben McLaughlin says:

Not bad, but a bit Manly-heavy.

I say Farrah over Ennis of course.

Sadly Laurie is no longer at the Tige’s. I say give big Kieth Galloway a go. And Chris Heighnington.

And definitely leave out Brett Stewart.

Nathan Campbell says:

No, that’s right. He’s at the Panthers now… can I point out, that when it comes to Manly – they’re the defending premiers, and all the Manly Players in that list have played for Australia (except King).