Once Upon A Time In Mexico…

I get some really strange emails addressed to people who aren’t me. Some people get really confused. I once got assignment proposals from an entire class of Washington State University Students. I replied to each of them. You can read the exchanges here.

Today I received an unusually abrupt request from some guy I didn’t know to “make him look like a Mexican” and an attached photo. So I complied.

This was the guy.

This was the Mexican.

This was the guy as the Mexican.

If you think you can make this guy a better Mexican please download the photo, edit it, and send it to me at the gmail address linked in my header.

I will, if I get submissions, send them on to the person who made the original request.

3 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time In Mexico…”

  1. Nice work bro. Sort of Old School Mexico meets Ming The Merciless..

    I just sent you a submission.

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