Six things that I’m loving about college

College life is pretty awesome. Other than the five things in that last post I’ve got no complaints. Here are my five favourite things about college at the moment.

  1. Studying with Robyn – my wife is very organised. She keeps me on my toes and keeps telling me to pay attention and to do my homework (I think this is because she’s a teacher).
  2. Conversations – the best part about college is that lunch time is full of interesting conversations. People do tend to spontaneously break out into conversations about baptism though. Which is odd.
  3. Classes – I’m enjoying our classes – even the languages – but particularly Bruce Winter’s pet subject “The Cross and the Clash of Cultures” (I’ve been planning to turn my lecture notes into posts – I just haven’t done that yet) and Old Testament with Leigh Trevaskis (I think he has a google alert set up) and Keith Birchley. Greek is my favourite language. So far.
  4. Church – I’m enjoying being “on staff” at a church and going along to team meetings. Preaching was fun too.
  5. Reading – I haven’t really started turning my readings into writings yet as far as essays go – but I’ve enjoyed ploughing through textbooks and journal articles trying to come up with a workable essay thesis.
  6. Morning Tea – the coffee is good. And supplied by me. At reasonable prices – if you’re interested in subscribing to my coffee roasting services let me know.


Goannatree says:

I am so glad to hear things are going well. …actually i think you just motivated me to write a 6 things I am enjoying about my PhD post. It struck me this morning just how happy I am with where I am at! So thanks for the encouragement to be thankful and positive.

PS: Robyn's probably going to be your best asset during college….you should read the extra hints on my "Things we Wish We'd known when we started Graduate School" post…

queen stuss says:

I was talking to my neighbours' kids this afternoon, one of whom was in Robyn's class last year and he was telling me all about how much better his teacher is this year because Mrs Campbell was always getting him in trouble, but his new teacher lets him get away with heaps more.

queen stuss says:

or should that be 'one of who was in Robyn's class'? Can someone who gets less confused by the usage of who and whom clarify that for me?

Goannatree says:

No, one of whom, is correct!
My recent post Six Things that I'm loving about my PhD

Anika Q says:

What time does the coffee machine operate? Usual QTC morning tea time? I might patronise if I have a free period…