Some useful Greek and Hebrew resources for first year students

If you’re at QTC (or elsewhere and using David Alan Black’s Introduction to New Testament Greek) and looking for something as good as Animated Hebrew for Greek – then here is a solution. CrossWire Bible Society’s flash cards. You’ll need java. If ProVoc had a database for Black’s vocab it would also be pretty good (if you’re a Mac user). If you’re not a fan of Animated Hebrew and want to try an alternative Moore College use the same text book and there are MTC Hebrew Vocab Files (with memory hooks (apparently the ruder the memory hook is the more memorable it is).

If you don’t care about learning Biblical languages then just look over to the right hand side of the page (or click through you lazy feed reader) and check out whatever happens to be in the Curiosities column at the moment.

3 thoughts on “Some useful Greek and Hebrew resources for first year students”

    1. Nathan Campbell

      There should be a “flashcards.jar” file. Click it. Choose the GreekBlack lesson set. Highlight the chapters you want to do flashcards for. Hit “quiz”. Hit start.

      If the .jar file doesn’t work you need to make sure you have javascript installed on your Mac.

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