Spreading the love

Everybody loves getting comments.

I’m aiming to comment on 100 other people’s blogs today. So far I’m at 62. Have I been to yours?

Do you feel less special knowing that you are part of a mammoth social 2.0 experiment?


Nathan says:

If it makes you feel more loved RC – I'll be featuring your post in a post here sometime soon. It is both an infographic and about a subject close to mine heart…

simone r. says:

I'd like to think I'd have gotten the comment anyway. Maybe I'm deluding myself.

Not sure I could make it past 20. Maybe I'll try.

Nathan says:

I got to 70 and ran out.

cafedave says:

A little, but I still appreciate the effort.
My recent post speeding up a slow-running mac

Andrew says:

Yes and Yes.

Nathan says:

Does it make you all feel better that I subscribe to your blogs and read every word you post?
My recent post Bible Stories for Boys: Ehud the Left Handed

Tim Canavan says:

I'm assuming the David Williams post was part of it?