St. Eutychus: Now with (hiddenish) ads

So. I just thought I should make this clear. I don’t have ads on my blog (unless you count the occassional reference to my T-Shirt store on Cafepress (currently with one T-Shirt, possibly with more during the holidays), or the plugging of my coffee roasting services (I just got a fresh 10kg of Green Beans to roast – hit up the order form…).

Sometimes, if I remember, mentions of a book will also take you to Amazon in a way that would, if you purchased something, result in a small commission for me. I don’t do that often. Because Book Depository is cheaper.

Anyway, when I installed Google’s search thing in the header, it came bundled with adwords. So now, if you search for something, you’ll notice there are ads with the search results. Click them and I get a few cents. I’m still opposed to the idea of having ads all over the site. I don’t know why.

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