Staring at the Sun

Was anybody else told, by their primary school art teacher, that you shouldn’t draw pictures of the sun, or the sun in your pictures, because you never look at the sun? Or whatever the reason was? Admittedly, most of my sun drawings included personifying the sun with some sort of smiley face, and even though I went to a public school they were probably interested in my not venerating the sun or something…

I’m not a great artist anyway, but one thing I have decided I really like is photographs that include the sun. If I were a professional photographer (and I’m not close by any stretch of the imagination) then that would be my schtick. My signature style.

I went through a few photo albums on my Mac yesterday (when I was recovering from my church history exam) and put together this collection.

Now I can just stare at the sun whenever I want (plus, the silhouette effect it can give is really cool)…

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