Sticking around: the disproportional impact of a stick figure cartoon

I <3 XKCD. It’s my regular dose of geeky humour rendered in high definition stick figurey goodness. Millions of other people like it too. In fact, XKCD is arguably the world’s most influential blog. The forum 4Chan might cause more havoc, but XKCD readers tend to use their powers for good. Remember Tetris Hell? That was an XKCD comic. Within hours a reader had made it playable.

In this comic ninjas visit an open source software guru:

Shortly afterwards… ninjas confronted the guy at a conference.

After this comic:

This guy created a ball room in his house using this calculator that another reader created.

Here’s an article tracking XKCD’s influence.


queenstuss says:

I <3 Nathan using emoticons in his posts.