Strange books for adults

A few days ago I shared a bunch of odd books for kids – here’s the equivalent post for adults. Most of these come from this list of ten strange books… which in turn comes from the Abe Books “Weird Books Room“. Every aspiring writer wants their tome to end up listed here… don’t they?

Here’s one for impressing your guests:

And one for the Emo first home buyer… how hard can it be to just paint everything black?

Looking for some Bible study material? How about Bible study with the Clampetts?

How about some arts and crafts for the construction site where all you have is Duct Tape?

Want a romantic career? Consider proctology and get yourself a copy of “The Romance of Proctology” which has been out of print since the publishing company realised what proctology actually was and pulled their fingers out.

And finally, here’s one I might actually buy – If I ever want to properly take over the world


AndrewFinden says:

Gaffa tape is like yoga for men, according to one tweet I read this week..

Goannatree says:

So I feel like I am on abebooks more than my own blog most of the time so why is it that I have never noticed this….stay tuned for a repost – this is too good to not share! thanks Nathan!
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