Ten Word Wikipedia an exercise in brevity and succinct awesomeness

You know what. You can take your 140 characters and stick them somewhere else on the internet. Because 10 word Wiki is where it’s at as far as concise online writing is concerned.

The “encyclopedia for the ADD generation” has a ten word limit.

Michael Jackson

“Legendary pop singer/songwriter, trouble with press. Died June 2009. “


“Send your criminals down south to develop a horrible accent.”


Vast southern country inhabited by ex-convicts, aboriginees, kangaroos and sharks.

The rules are cool:

  • Describe your subject in ten words. No more, no less.
  • We like to stick to single sentence descriptions. Please try.
  • For more fun, make your revision comments ten words also.
  • Regarding images copyright is bad, drawing your own is awesome
  • The facts can be sexy, but don’t use personal opinions.
  • There’s no such word as libel. We’re fairly laid back
  • Bonus “points” for using humour or indeed using some Gludu