Thou shalt not urinate sitting down

That’s right. If you’re a Christian man stand up and be counted… the urinal is the new circumcision…

Speaking of urinals… funny story. I was at the football a couple of weeks ago, and I had a beer. Football beer in plastic cups gives me the hiccups. Two beers consumed within the space of a game gives me the need to use the facilities. So I did. I took my place at the (incredibly efficient Suncorp Stadium) urinal and the guy next to me hiccuped. A millisecond later I hiccuped too. I hope he didn’t think I was mocking him. I’d hate for someone to turn around mid stream at a urinal thinking they had been mocked…

Oh, and if you’re a girl – don’t wear pants – it’s skirts and dresses only. That’s how it was in Biblical times.

5 thoughts on “Thou shalt not urinate sitting down”

  1. I’ve seen the pisseth against the wall clip many times, but the other is new to me and… gold!

    I wear skirts often. Is that good enough?

  2. I think I’ve worked it out: the original Bible text was the Old King James version, and it was written for a 19th century American audience.

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