Want to speak TED style?

TEDtalks are inspirational. Revolutionary. Amazing. And now you can create your own TEDTalk thanks to this bloke who conducted a careful analysis of the transcripts of every available TED Talk and counted up the most common words. Coffee was one of the results. These words are connected by the top ten four word phrases, and the final pieces of the puzzle are computer generated. I did have one combination of keyword options that started “It’s not nose picking” – I can’t get it back.

Here’s my speech.

When you look at the student’s, they rely on coffee that is quite nuanced in the same way that our neurons are. Efficient trimming causes the brain to recognize the exact way it’s supposed to think et cetera, et cetera. It is like French products becoming a very ecological choice. You don’t have to like it, but it is a choice that I often discuss in my seminars. When you look at the student’s, they rely on coffee which makes you both happy and excited. How many of you would prefer that to tea? I think it’s just like when the middle of it all, you could see the situation running the same way that a downward spiral would. It makes you yearn for coffee making you jittery et cetera, et cetera. So I thought maybe a mirror does not always reveal pleasant surprises. How many of you would rather consider coffee sponsored for by the administration of the United States. Who wouldn’t agree that happiness can only be achieved by connecting with the world.

6 thoughts on “Want to speak TED style?”

  1. Niiiice… I can just picture Sir Ken Robinson delivering this one… :D

    Man, you know I realised the other day that you were around on ‘Logos’ back in the day… I seem to remember that at one point, my sarcasm detectors hadn’t quite started the day… My Inner Sheldon… 8)

  2. Nathan Campbell

    I did wonder if you were that Arthur. I don’t know why I wondered that… I liked Logos. I also like sarcasm, though I wonder if the internet would be easier if all sarcasm was in red text or something.

  3. Glad you liked it! I love to see what the forum denizens are up to these days. Dunno if you remember Sam — he’s starting a maths postdoc at Oxford. :)

    1. Nathan Campbell

      I remember Sam, I think, he was pretty brilliant. Like complexly brilliant. What happened to Logos?

  4. ES North Terrace gave me the opportunity to start it in 2004, and wonderful people like Richard Chin and Greg Clarke were supportive of me taking it further. God was encouraging me with answers to some big prayers, we promoted it at NTE, and for a while it looked like it could get big (I was envisioning an Australian student-run version of UCCF’s Bethinking, which launched in March 2005). But I took a step back from it in 2006 when I started a GradDipEd and got married, and it couldn’t stay afloat. It was always meant to be more than the forum but that’s probably what people remember it for (you can still read it here)…

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