Watch your Biblical language

Today’s mission is to learn the (biblical) Hebrew Alphabet. It looks a little something like this (from right to left as is its wont):

I’m told this website is pretty helpful.

I have already learned the (biblical) Greek Alphabet. Which looks a little something like this.

I have a feeling that my learning style is blogging.


RodeoClown says:

Memorise Psalm 119 – it's an acrostic, so you'll know all the letters then.
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Sam Freney says:


If you’re a mac person, you can do better than that. (I assume you are, given the frequency of mac-related posts).

To make the remainder of this comment seem a little less like self-promotion, I’ve just finished a 4-year BD at Moore Theological College in Sydney, and the stuff I’ve put together was to aid my language learning since there weren’t reasonable alternatives.

For vocab, Provoc. (
It’s not maintained anymore, but it’s still the best flashcard program for the mac, hands down.
I’ve put together some vocab resources for it. Some are MTC related, some are general.

For grammar, Paradigmatic. (
You won’t need this for a few months of your course, but when you do, I like this program. Unsurprisingly, since I wrote it. It’s all the paradigms for Greek & Hebrew laid out, and some testing things in there too.

Finally: do 15 minutes a day. Every day. You won’t do it, but come the end of the year—or the end of your degree—you’ll wish you had.

Hope that helps.


Nathan Campbell says:

Hi Sam – I certainly am a Mac person. I actually read about your fourth year project somewhere (I recognise the avatar). I can’t remember who linked to it… perhaps it was at Anyway. Thanks for commenting.

These will no doubt prove very useful.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anika Q says:

"I have a feeling that my learning style is blogging."

Heaven help us when you get to polity.

Stuart Heath says:

…And I was gonna say, “Don’t waste too much time on languages. You’ll get to a couple of years out of college and regret that you spent all that time on something you never used, and missed the opportunity to read some really life-changing stuff.”

But then I see Sam got here first and gainsaid me.

Goannatree says:

Do it while you have structure – I am doing Hebrew with friends this year and I am wishing i had got it all down while i was in a structured environment – my german is much better for that! Sam do the programs you mention also work in a PC environment?
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