What do Jesus and Kanye have in common?

Apparently they’re both Gangsters…

According to this crazy church anyway.

Via A Little Leaven.

Here are the Beatitudes in Gangsta if you be in’trested. Aii.

Blessed iz da poor in spirit, fo’ theirs iz da kingdom o’ heaven.
Blessed iz those who mourn, fo’ dey will be comforted.
Blessed iz da meek, fo’ dey will inherit da earth.
Blessed iz those who hunger an’ thirst fo’ righteousness, fo’ dey will be filled.
Blessed iz da merciful, fo’ dey will be shown mercy.
Blessed iz da pure in heart, fo’ dey will see God.
Blessed iz da peacemakers, fo’ dey will be called chil’ns o’ God.
Blessed iz those who iz persecuted cuz o’ righteousness, fo’ theirs iz da kingdom o’ heaven. you know das right!


Nathan says:

I dare you to use this version of the Beatitudes for your trials for license. Townsville won’t know what’s hit them.

Nathan Campbell says:

That was from my wifey. I’m not bipolar.