Wrap text with style with CSS Wrap Text

CSS text wrapper is a cool little webapp that generates shaped text frames for your website. You can customise them. This might prove useful if you’re doing something like a Christmas card and want to make a bunch of little baubles or something… or if your landing page has pictures. Check it out. Here are some samples.


KIM says:

well, of course — what doesn’t look classy when it’s written in latin?

(please let that actually have been latin …!)

Nathan Campbell says:

School mottos.

Lorem Ipsum is a common latinish placeholder text thing – from Wikipedia:

“The lorem ipsum text, which is typically a nonsensical list of semi-Latin words, is an edited version of a Latin text by Cicero, with words/letters omitted and others inserted, but not proper Latin[1][2] (see below: History and discovery). A close English translation might be “pain itself” (dolorem = pain, grief, misery, suffering; ipsum = itself).”

Apparently having garbled text is beneficial because people get distracted by placeholder text that uses familiar words or actual sentences.