A lull in blogworld…

All the people based blogs I read (except Al’s, Findo’s, Gav’s, and Gary’s, and to a lesser extent Arthur and Tamie, and Sophie, at the Fountainside, who tend to post on a more disciplined substantive regime anyway) appear to be going through the motions of blogging, or not at all,* at the moment. Come on people. Harden up. Drop us a bone. Especially those of us who use the internet to procrastinate.

The current state of affairs makes me sad.

Come on Ben. Simone. Izaac. Scott. Post something. Anything. GIVE ME CONTENT…

I’ll start taking note of all those articles that say blogging is dying otherwise.

* I realise and acknowledge the irony that I am a contributor to this general state of affairs…

2 thoughts on “A lull in blogworld…”

  1. Izaac – Please pay no attention to this until your Doctrine essay has been submitted. Nathan can wait.

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