Aaron Sorkin’s cameo on 30 Rock

Aaron Sorkin wrote the West Wing. For that the world owes him much. He also wrote Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – which had brilliant potential, but died because it didn’t have Tina Fey. And 30 Rock did. And they were essentially about the same thing – a team of TV staffers writing for a variety show. It’s a shame, because 30 Rock is numerically half as awesome as Studio 60. But 30 Rock won, and Aaron Sorkin made a brilliantly self-aware and kind of meta cameo on 30 Rock. Here it is.

Via Mikey on Facebook.


Izaac says:

Wrong video mate.

Nathan Campbell says:

Should be fixed now… well, as of yesterday.

Mikey Lynch says:

Studio 60 failed b/c it didn’t have Tina Fey. Lol.

I totally agree that 30 Rock is the the same thing as Studio 60, only better, even though it is less realistic.