Atheist wins lotto, converts to Christianity

Lotteries will go broke if this craze catches on and God keeps answering said prayers the same way…

A self-confessed atheist has become a believer after mocking God by sarcastically praying for his mother to win the lottery. However, his joke prayer was amazingly answered as the next day his mother won $1 million on the New York Lottery Sweet Million game.

Better than a wet fleece.



Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.

I have to give him credit, though—at least he was willing to change his mind (even if it shouldn’t have taken this to change it). From my conversations with some of my atheist friends, I get the impression that if God Himself appeared in the flesh (again) and slapped them in the face, they still wouldn’t believe.

Also, God totally has a sense of humor.