Back, to the future…

Ahh. Melbourne. Coffee. Home. Essays. Sermons. That’s the story of my life this week. We left Melbourne yesterday, and that was the last real holiday I think we’ll have before our family gets a new addition.

So, in the next few days blogging will be a little sporadic. I’ve got three sermons to write before this weekend. One on Psalm 122 for my trials for license (complete with a 3,500 word exegesis paper), one on social networking and what it teaches us about the human desire for relationship (for another church’s youth group on Saturday), and one on Paul’s method of connecting the gospel to culture (based on Acts 17) for church on Sunday.

Plus, I’ve got a tutorial presentation paper and essay on the Psalms to prepare for the first week back from holidays (next week). So that’s an ouch.

Anyway. Here’s some photos from Melbourne to tide you over.

This dessert was the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

And this was the best pork belly ever… both were from Axil Coffee.

Reviews of our caffeinated long weekend in Melbourne are up on (I’ve got a couple more to go)

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  1. Love the aubergine jacket Rob!

    You’re making me so jealous Nath. Haven’t been to Melb for years. miss that food and culture. (hope nobody in Ayr is reading this).

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