Bus-ted: Marathon runner hands back prize after sneaky shortcut

File this under “sermon illustrations” or if you don’t write sermons, under “funny stories”…

Marathon “runner” Rob Sloan was in a race on the weekend, he piked, caught the bus, and found himself ahead of the pack, so he decided to cross the finish line. He appeared to have taken third place. There was some suspicion at the time. But he flatly denied catching the spectator bus.

He lied.

“When I finished the race I was asked by the fourth person in the race: ‘Did you come third, because I don’t remember you passing us.’
“My words to him were ‘Yeah, I passed you at approximately 18 miles on the damp’, I remember because you don’t pass many people being near the front.”

The BBC has more… and another story from Digital Journey

Funny stuff.