Crash Bonsai: Because everybody needs a niche

Bonsai is cool (unless that’s a plural, then Bonsai are cool). But cool enough to warrant a small business dedicated to supplying bonsai lovers with miniature smashed cars to grace their bonsai pots? I’ll let you decide.

Crash Bonsai is seriously committed to authenticity…

“You’ll find a variety of vehicles in crashed cars, their scales and dimensions listed. Each model is unique, and individually disassembled, cut, melted, filed, smashed, then reassembled to replicate a real fender bender. Some models might work perfectly with a bonsai you already have, but generally you should expect to create a new bonsai around the vehicles, often placing the tree more to the side of a pot to make room for the vehicle. No passengers have been injured in CrashBonsai accidents, although some drivers have reported a brief, even euphoric loss of consciousness.”

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