Evolution: The root of all evils?

I’m writing an essay today. It’s about Genesis 1 and what Genesis 1 is about (who and why v what and when: how helpful is this distinction).

I think this cartoon from Answers In Genesis will form the backbone of my argument because it is very scholarly.

I love how they equate evolution with our sinful nature. You can kind of, sort of, if you squint a bit, see where their thinking is coming from.

It’s a bit anachronistic to suggest all the stuff in the balloons on the left is due to evolution isn’t it? As though they all came into being post Darwin.

It’s sad that a necessary Christian corrective of empirical naturalism looks like this.

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2 thoughts on “Evolution: The root of all evils?”

  1. A few weeks back a boy in my class led a quiz on rainforests and plants. a question was ‘which came first, plants or animals’. i had to spend the next 10 minutes filtering and de-intesifying a ‘discussion’ with third graders. a boy said quiet definitively, ‘of course plants came first because god made plants on the 4th day and animals on the 5th’. to which another child talked about evolution and the big bang.
    strangely, the theist-boy didn’t have any questions about how dinosaurs worked into his creationist theory.

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