FacedType: Typecasting typefaces

I made a new blog. It’s very much a work in progress. Mostly because I need someone who can draw. I’m thinking that fonts are like actors. They’re perfect for playing some roles and obviously miscast in others. Which is great. Because the language of type lends itself to such an interpretation.

When I’m trying to pick a font I like to think of my publication/purpose in terms of a type of person or profession, and then I match the font to that. This is pretty much the premise driving FacedType.


Papyrus: A Vegas Casino Egyptian Character. Not really authentic, but what people think might be authentic.

If you can draw and would like to make me little cartoon caricatures for these fonts I’m sure we could make a book, or trading cards, or some sort of splash on the internet. If you can think of a two or three line description of the type of actor/role typified by a font. Let me know.

Check it out (I’ll be moving it over to facedtype.com at some point in the near future).


Brad says:

A new blog? Don’t you have to, like, write assignments or study for exams or something?

AndrewFinden says:

Brush Script: the middle aged woman who runs a b&b on the cheap. She wants to invoke rustic charm but settles for fake wood veneer and plastic flowers on the tables.