Four Years

I have been married to my wonderful and talented wife for four years today.

That makes me happy, the prospect of seventy odd more years, and the impending birth of our first baby (in December, this is the first time I’ve mentioned it here) makes me even more happy.

Here she is showing off her talents with firearms at the Townsville army base.

Our jet setting lifestyle means blogging will be a little irregular here until next week some time. We came back from mission in Townsville, spent a week at college, hit the road to Byron Bay for our anniversary, and tomorrow we’re in Melbourne for a wedding – stay tuned for some cafe reviews on

I’d like to point out that I resisted the urge to refer to Robyn as “my smokin’ hot wife”… I do still think we’re cut out for church planting.


Goldy says:

If you can’t refer to your “smokin hot wife” you might consider finishing a post with “boogity, boogity, boogity, Amen”?

Gav says:

Ah Byron! What a great place for a wedding anniversary! We had our honeymoon there.

Thought the photo of a pregnant Robyn “blasting” away with a Styer was rather incongruous. Was she practicing for some “Preacher Man” escapades? ;-)

AndrewFinden says:

If you ever apply for a job in Alaska, be sure to send that photo!

Congrats on the anniversary ;)

Matt Purnell says:

70 years? Given what you eat? Are you serious?!