Gym Etiquette Flow Chart

Etiquette is a murky thing. Throw some nudity or heavy weights into the mix and we’re talking perilous social waters.

I went to a gym once. Well, more than once. Twice. Well more than twice. There were three periods in my life when I was a member of a gym. I didn’t like it very much. But who does? I might rejoin one soon. I harbour a secret desire to be able to wink with my pecs.

Anyway. Seeing people at the gym who you know can present some awkward social situations. Especially if you’re naked. I’ve never understood people’s desire to get naked at the gym. It’s a subculture I just don’t get. Go home sweaty and shower when you get there. Seriously.

Anyway. Here’s a flowchart. From Slate.

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  1. I harbour a secret desire to be able to wink with my pecs.

    Even I didn’t want to know this. My apologies to other readers out there who might have just thrown up in their mouth.

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