Introducing Jesse Heiman, the world’s greatest extra

Somebody, somewhere, described the extra good extra I posted the other day as a human Wilhelm Scream. If you don’t know what the Wilhelm Scream is you can read this post (or watch the video).

I did a little bit more digging. Turns out his name is Jesse Heiman. And he has more than 56 pretty awesome TV and movie credits to his name.

Here are some articles at Salon, Slashfilm, and the Daily Mail that will help you come to terms with just how incredible this guy is.

He’s a modern day Vic Gallucci – the extra on the Bill who became so much a part of the furniture that he became DC Tom Baker. The Bill used the same group of extras so often they called them all TREV (Totally Reliable Extra Veteran). But more awesome because of the string of titles on his resume. This sort of dedication deserves recognition.