Jump up (over cars) for Jesus

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Because it’s not the proclamation of the gospel alongside a life of love that is going to win people to the gospel (not to mention the work of the Holy Spirit, and God’s sovereign will)… it’s jumping over stuff on motorbikes.

Meet The Jesus Team.

“Jumping for the King was founded by Aaron Ramsey, a Christian minister, in May 1999. In obediance (fully sic) with the great commission,
Matthew 28:18-20, JFK stages motorcycle stunt shows along with other high energy activities as a vehicle for sharing the messege of the saving grace of Jesus Christ with large numbers of people simultaneously.”

Read more about this ministry in an article in the Augusta paper, the Jesus Team’s local rag…
This is a different group – but I assume they’re similarly impressive:

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  1. So…the “object lesson” in the video…

    Is Jesus the motorcycle, the ramp, or the helmet? How am I supposed to live the Christian life without knowing???

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