Mugabe and the Chicken Dictators

This Nandos ad* is probably the finest example of the power of the meme to get an advertisement to cross from the commercial break to program content. It is beautifully produced. Clever. And controversial enough that for a while it was dominating the news cycle in South Africa, and around the world.

The ad got media coverage because it’s against the law to criticise Mugabe in Zimbabwe, and it doesn’t name him, there’s plenty of wink-wink-nudge-nudge references to the dictators who have propped up his reign over the years. It is finger licking good…

I will eat Nandos to thank them for their delicious campaign, and their delicious chicken.

*This was a scheduled post that didn’t go out last week – I just found it in my post queue and I think the ad is too good not to have posted here.

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