Onan the Barbarian: A seedy affair

My sermon from the weekend is up. Have a listen if you want. It’s 27 minutes. I think.

Not my favourite passage in the world, not my favourite sermon, and not my favourite ending to a sermon (I should have just left out the last five minutes).

But people have said nice things, and I’m probably a harsh, but realistic, self-critic.

When I illustrate I don’t really stick to my notes. And I think that’s heaps more listenable and engaging. So that’s something to work on. I’m much better at telling a story when I know how it all hangs together – and I suspect I can do the same thing with the passage after I’ve worked it up. But preaching from notes is good discipline and hopefully prevents rambling.


Ben McLaughlin says:

Will have a listen a bit later, but just wanted to say your title for this post was gold, and were I a ‘lol’ing type of fella, you’d be lol’ed fer shizzle.