Parenting Win: Boys toys wreck bath, get sold on eBay

This is a brilliant stroke of parenting. It reminds me of the time my mum put the dirty dishes I was meant to wash under the blankets of my bed.

“These two have lost their entire collection of Beyblades, the spinning-top toy based on the Japanese manga series of the same name. The boys were using the family bathtub as a Beyblade arena. The combat destroyed the tub’s enamel, took “a chunk of tub out,” and demolished the soap dish. So the Beyblades will be sold to compensate for the loss.

The boys’ piggy-bank account of $125.67 will also be liquidated to help pay for the $500 repair, with the Beyblades auction covering whatever’s left. As of now, the lot of eight is up to $69.”

Image Credit: BuzzFeed.

Via Kotaku.

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  1. I tried finding it on ebay (US) but it’s not there anymore! Did they breach some regulations or something?

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