Positive Movie Reviews from my cinephile friend Phil

This may be premature. Because there’s only one post so far. But you should totally check out my friend Phil’s new blog where he reviews movies. He knows all about the fillums. So you should read. Interact. Subscribe. Do all those web 2.0 things. Stalk him.

Welcome to Phil’s All-Positive Movie Reviews. If there’s something I don’t like in a movie, you won’t hear about it. I am, by nature, a pessimist, making this blog something of an exercise against character. I had considered starting a blog of reviews in which I rubbish the rubbish as much as I laud the laudable, but then I remembered that I want to work as a screenwriter and I’ll really be shooting myself in the foot if I start picking holes in the work of people I want to work with in the future. So I figure, if I don’t say any negative stuff, no one can be offended.

Back in the olden days of blogging, when I was a wee lad using blogger and posting on Nathan Goes to Townsville my friend Phil and I started a group blog. Just the two of us. It was grand. It stands the test of time. If by “test of time” you mean “still exists” and it resides, now defunct, at this link.

Phil and I co-wrote the OCC, a little Christian soap opera parody about the kind of camps you go to as a hormonal, post-pubescent young-adult man looking for a wife. I’ve posted it before, but you can find the five episodes on YouTube.

But now, Phil lives in Melbourne and I, in Brisbane. And so. I have to get my dosage of Phil via this blog. Which I heartily recommend. Though that’s like the kiss of death for a blog. Most seem to get a “go read this” link from me and then wane into once a year stiltedness.