Sad day for second hand books

My trips to Sydney won’t be the same anymore. Gould Books is a must visit for me, and has been since I was a kid staying in one of the terrace houses across the road. Every day of that week was a new a reading adventure. Until I picked up a very tattered copy of Lord of the Rings (which my clever mother recovered with a Coco Pops box. So it was sad to read that the man who put the Gould into Gould books died. I’ve never been to a bookshop with so many books and such a lax approach to fire safety and cataloguing.

1 thought on “Sad day for second hand books”

  1. I’m sad too. We just live around the corner from Goulds. I still remember buying books there when I was a uni student, though admittedly I haven’t stepped foot in the shop for a while (due to said fire hazards and reluctance for categorising…)

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