Seven Things I’m Looking Forward to in Sydney

In no particular order…

1. Catching up with friends (including Izaac and Sarah whose blogs I can’t be bothered linking to but you all read them anyway. Right.)
2. Taronga Zoo.
3. Manly play the Sharks on Saturday night
4. Church by the Bridge (5pm service on Sunday is my plan)
5. Coffee at AIR, Alchemy, Bean Drinking and Mecca. Those are my plans.
6. Gould Books..
7. The wedding we’re actually coming down for.

1 thought on “Seven Things I’m Looking Forward to in Sydney”

  1. Cool – well I might see you on Sunday at 5pm perhaps! (there’s a tautology in there, but not matter) Unfortunately Paul Dale is preaching at the church plant in Lavender Bay this month (that’s just up the road at 6pm) so you won’t hear or meet him at 5 pm … but would be nice to meet you in person.

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