Sydney Calling

So peeps. We’re heading to Sydney for a wedding in a couple of weekends. And we’ve got a couple of days to kill either side of the wedding. Robyn wants to go to the zoo. I want to go to a bunch of awesome cafes, and Gould Books.

Manly are playing on the Saturday night in Cronulla. Which is a pain.

Does anybody have any recommendations for other things we should do? Churches we should check out? Amazing cafes?

I’ve been to Sydney before. I was born there. It’s not like this is my first time. But places change.

I’m really looking forward to the break too.

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  1. The zoo is great. Kinokuniya bookshop (in the Galleries in the city) is the best bookshop I’ve ever been to in my life. Salted caramel macaroons from any of the Lindt cafes (one in the city, one in Miranda shopping centre). Newtown for Thai food. Bourke Street Bakery (if you can get in the door). There is a coffee place my sister-in-law raves about, so I will find out what it is called for you.

    My nerdish self thought the Sydney Observatory was fantastic too.

    1. I’ll second Kinokinuya, and I’d go to Black Star Pastries in Newtown or Adriono Zumba in Balmain (how do you spell that?) before Bourke St Bakery, Barzura’s for Brunch in Coogee, Church by the Bridge (we have just planted congregation number six in six years – church-planting in action!), but come Sunday night or you might be shocked on Saturday (it’s bridging the gap with the Hills, if you understand).

  2. Do a cafe crawl in Norton St, Leichhardt & see if the Gelati at Bar-Italia is still worth the drive to Sydney.

  3. A little-known gem is cuppa coffee in Sylvania, but it looks like you’ll have a whole weekend of driving around Sydney just to hit that list! If you’re in the shire, you should also visit Grind at Cronulla.

    Let me know when you’re in town – it would be good to meet IRL.

  4. Nathan, where are you going to be staying? we’re in Neutral Bay, close to the zoo, so happy to have you with us on Sunday morning or evening!

  5. Church by the Bridge! We have a super cool Saturday night service at 5:30 (and it’s right by the chocolate place someone else mentioned …) as well as the regular (and also super cool) Sunday ones.

    Cremorne Point? Coffee Culture in Crow’s Nest? (I’m not a coffee drinker, but the hot chocolate is good!) San Churros (!!)? Day trip to Palm Beach?

  6. Definitely Grind if you’re in the Shire.

    Campos if you’re in Newtown getting some Thai (its better than Brisbane Campos)

    Places to see – Walk the Esplanade in Cronulla if its a nice morning/afternoon.

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