Talk-back radio evangelism

Tired of hearing the Christian message mangled in the media, or not hearing Christian voices speak out on some issues? Well. Kel Richards makes a point in the latest Social Issues Executive that you can be the change you want to see in the media world by calling talk back radio programs. He includes some practical tips for calling talk-back (or open line) radio on an issue.

  • Listen (for a little while at least) to the program you want to get on to.
  • Think about your message – have a clear reason for calling.
  • Don’t write out a script of what you want to say.
  • Do jot down a few bullet points to help you remember what you want
  • to say.
  • Can you summarise your message in a slogan? If you can, jot it down –
  • repeat it several times during your call.
  • Be gracious to the producer – and explain what you want to say briefly
  • and clearly.
  • Be gracious to the presenter – and get straight to the point

Brilliant. And in a day and age where we can’t expect our self-appointed Christian voice on issues to talk about Jesus (realistically or otherwise), it’s a chance to get the gospel on the airwaves. If more of us did this, and people understood the gospel better, it wouldn’t be such a problem that a Christian lobby group doesn’t talk about morality. Because that’s part of establishing the framework that anything Christians say about morality comes from. Great stuff from Kel and Andrew Cameron.

It’s something I’ve previously described as “Guerilla Evangelism” (it’s also a good PR strategy if you have a relevant special interest or business).